“Everyone was crying”-Elyse, 8, Halswell School

I was busy eating my delicious peanut butter sandwich. Then the ground started to  shake, it was freaky in one way and scary in another. I dived under my friends desk, by the way, my friend is called Sam. It shook and I cried for Mum. We raced to the field where the whole school stood. Everyone was crying. Fountains of liquafaction and water gushed out of the ground. When there was an aftershock, the whole school screamed and dropped to the ground. The cricket pitch was flooded with liquafaction. There was volcanos of water gushing out in big fountains. It was heart breaking to see all the liquafaction flooding the school and it was drawing closer to us. I had to hug my friend Rebecca because she felt sad. She was worrying about her Dad because he is a builder and she gave me a love-heart silly band for free. That was the day that I can never forget and the teachers had to hug all the kids that didn’t have their parents there. My Mum was in an eight-story building in town and she left to go home and read, then she thought she had a flat tyre in her car and luckily she was a few minutes away from school. When she got there, she gave us a great big hug and she had to hug some other kids too. When we got in the car, we went safely back home with our bags and Mum. Mum let us watch a movie but it kept pausing And this is my frightening Earthquake story.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Elyse

    Whilst you were busy eating your delicious peanut butter sandwich the earth was doing a bit of gobbling of its own. It would have frightened me for sure and I am an adult.

    Sam and you were quite right to get under the desk and it is no surprise that you cried for your Mum. Lots of people did that day.

    I am pleased you went outside to the safety of a big open area but sad there was so much damage so instantly.

    Good for Rebecca giving you a love-heart silly band for free.

    It should be re-named HUG DAYas there were so many that day. And every year we should all hug to remember what happened and be thankful we are safe!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Autumn says:

    Wow must of been scary 4 mum!
    Sounds like you had lots of liquefaction!
    Your sandwich sounds YUM!!

    Autumn, 11

  3. cassidy says:

    Hi Elyse .I hope you and your family are OK .I was in the school hall when it struck.I was scared .There were lots of pepole in the hall .The leader said ”go into the turtle”I huddled up with my friends it was scary

  4. Yula Fernandes says:

    Hi Elyse

    Hope you and your family and friends are ok. Your sandwhich sounds yummy. It must have been scary.
    From Yula

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