‘My story’-Xanthe, 7, Halswell School

When the earthquake happened I was inside the classroom. Then we went running outside and huddled round Mr Jack. Mrs Woolford came running to the classroom and we had to run to the field. Then Millie’s mum came to hug us. We waited a bit then my dad came to pick me up. My dad had to carry me to the car because of the water on the field. We went home and we sat outside on some chairs for hours then packed to go to our cousins’ house and Tara (their dog) was SILLY. We went to play in Immy’s room. We watched the earthquake damage on tv. It was really really bad. We played Hangman on boards. We slept there for a few nights until our power came back on. Our uncle gareth and aunty lizzy stayed at our house for a few nights until their house got the water on.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Xanthe

    It sounds as though it was ‘Hug Day” when the earthquake happened.

    Mr Jack and Mrs Woolford sound like great people to look after you so well and keep you safe.

    Isn’t it great when your Dad can pick you up out of the water to carry you to the car?

    Poor old Tara would have been very afraid and wasn’t able to understand what happened,Tara will need lots of care I expect.

    It sounds as though you have seen lots of relatives in this time. It’s great you were able to offer your house to your Uncle and Aunty.

    In this time of rebuilding times will be tough but I want you to remember there are loads of people who are thinking of you and trying to do things that may help.

    Take care from Ella in Auckland.

  2. Mrs Woolford says:

    Xanthe, you were such a brave girl on that day, and what a great friend you were to take care of the other children in our class. It’s so lovely to have your smiling face back at school :) I’m glad you got to spend time at your cousins’ house around your family.

  3. Deb says:

    Hello Xanthe,
    I like your story. I’m pleased you could all huddle together with your teachers. What special people you have around you Xanthe. Wow, your Dad was great to carry you across all the water. It is sad to hear about all the damage.
    I hope your classroom is the special place for learning again:) Good luck to you and your family. We saw the special visit from Prince William so I hope it encouraged you all to continue to be strong together.


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