My story- Tim, 9, Redcliffs School

When the 7.1 earthquake happened I was in my bed and had no idea what it was at first, then finally I found out it was an earthquake because the house was shaking. I remember when my cot shook in an earthquake a long time ago, and I had thought it was a train running under my bed. My mum rushed in and told me to get under my cabin bed, our family all huddled under my high bed till the earthquake was over. I was feeling really scared. I was shaking even more than the earthquake. We found our torches and made a kit and drove in our car up the hill just in case it triggered a tsunami. We listened to the radio. After about half an hour we went back down and there was no tsunami. When we came back our house had no electricity and it was also a big mess. Me and my sister Mary huddled under the table and pulled the chairs in, then made a cubby. It had entertainment, beds, and food. An hour later our power came back. Another hour later we could turn the water on again when the hot water cylinder was fixed, because it had been leaking. We had to boil our water before drinking it in case it made us sick. No one was killed in the earthquake, luckily.

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  1. James says:

    Good story Tim, I’m glad that you are fine now. It was like a train wasn’t it :)

  2. Dan says:

    Whats up Tim im Dan, It must have been horrible exsperience,But its AWSOME that no one in you family was hurt ;-)

  3. eskdale school says:

    Hi tim we have sent a letter to Gabriella Hawke who came to stay with us and attend our school just after the earthquake,

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