“1,2,3,4,5 wait”- Abby, Thorrington School

At 4:30 am on the 4th of September 2010 there was a rumble WOW I thought it sounds like a roaring fire but then the whole house started shaking it felt like forever before the shaking stopped. When it did stop we all gathered down stairs in the lounge while dad went to get the emergency kit with the torches, mum did a head count “1,2,3,4,5 wait where’s Mind!?” She quickly ran up stairs into Mind’s room surprisingly she was fast asleep she slept through the whole thing! When we were all down stairs we waited together trying to get to sleep until it was light outside. When it was light we got something to eat (it had to be from the fridge though so it didn’t all go to waste.)

12 Responses to ““1,2,3,4,5 wait”- Abby, Thorrington School”

  1. Timothy says:

    Awesome story Abby

  2. Neevia says:

    Yes it was like a roaring fire wasn’t it! Great story Abby

  3. Olivia Arahoe School says:

    How did it feel when your house was shaking?
    It is a great storu.
    From Olivia Age 6

  4. Ida and Lauren Arahoe School says:

    To Abby
    How did the earthquake feel like when it happened?
    Your story was fantastic because it was really scary
    and great. It was very funny too. We liked the
    part where you said one, two, three, four, five, wait.
    An earthquake.
    From Lauren. Age 7 Ida Age 7.

  5. Tony Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abby

    Did your house break?

    Your story was great.

    From Tony age 6

  6. Daniel D Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abby

    How did it feel?

    I liked your story because it was scary

    From Daniel age 6

  7. Nicole and Olivia Arahoe School says:

    Dear Tasman

    Did anyone get hurt?
    We enjoyed your story so much Tasman !
    Please write back.
    From Olivia age 6 and Nicole age 7

  8. Isabel Wallis Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abby.

    What is in the survival kit? How much stuff broke? I thought it was funny when Mind stayed in bed.

    From Isabel age 6

  9. Ethan Howe Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abby
    I had a little earthquake. It sounded
    like lava I like your story. From Ethan age 6

  10. Ved Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abby

    Was the earthquake scary? Your story sounded true.

    From Ved age 6

  11. Rishant Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abbey

    How was the earhtquake? Was it scary? Good story but bad event.

    From Rishant age 7

  12. Isabel, Arahoe School says:

    Dear Abby
    What is in the survival kit?
    How much stuff broke?
    I thought it was funny when Mind stayed asleep.
    From Isabel

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