“Mum! Mum!”- Rhian, 10, West Eyreton School

“Mum! Mum!” I shouted.  I screamed as hard as I could until my mum came into my room.  I burst into tears because it gave me a big shock.  “Mum!” I screamed again.  Mum came rushing in and asked if I was ok.  Mum told me to go to Hannah, my sister’s room until I […]

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It was Saturday morning.  At 4.35am on the 4th September.   My bunk bed started to shake.  At first I thought it was my sister moving around but then it started to get stronger.  After it had finished my Dad tried to figure out what it was.  He thought it was a tsunami because the […]

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Everything was dark.  I had just woken up from the noise of my bird going mad and mum shouting “Get under your bed! It’s an earthquake!” But there were draws under our beds. We ran outside onto the patio, too scared to go back into the house in case the swimming pool became a sink […]

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