“Get under your bed! “- Andrew, 9, West Eyreton School

Everything was dark.  I had just woken up from the noise of my bird going mad and mum shouting “Get under your bed! It’s an earthquake!”

But there were draws under our beds. We ran outside onto the patio, too scared to go back into the house in case the swimming pool became a sink hole.  Outside was too cold so we went in the ute until daylight.

It was a 7.1 magnitude on Saturday 4th September 2010 at 4.35am.

6 Responses to ““Get under your bed! “- Andrew, 9, West Eyreton School”

  1. Nana & Pop says:

    Well written Andrew -

  2. Dad says:

    Sounds really scary Andrew…glad your OK..I will see you on Thursday night..

  3. julie says:

    didnt know this site existed. great story Andrew

  4. TOM SWEENEY says:

    Its the scariest thing ive heard while ive been in New Zealand.hope you and your friends are ok.
    I bet its really scary On Friday my School will make a donation for Chrischurch by dressing in red and black.

  5. Emme.G says:

    It must have been scary.
    Are you all right

  6. Oliver Mac says:

    Great Story, it was pretty scary

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