One dark night when Christchurch was asleep The earth started moving down so deep Suddenly, unexpectedly, everything began to shake Soon people realised, it was a giant earthquake As I woke up, I stared in fright At everything shaking in the dead of night Then Dad came running, for he was so brave He came […]

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One dark morning I woke without warning Everything was shaking What a noise it was making There was a deep dark rumble Out of bed I did tumble I was still feeling dazed And at the same time amazed It all used to be silent But now it’s getting violent I stumbled to the door […]

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On Saturday morning September 4 I woke to shaking all around me. I heard a glass smash beside me and I could hear the rattling of the windows. I was half asleep and I didn’t know what was happening so I thought that it was a big storm. Then I heard Jeanne scream “Ahhhhhh” in […]

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There was a terrible after shock, rattling the ground like a monster beneath my feet The earth shook like it had been placed in a rocking chair and with a crack the ground broke. Sand volcanoes broke the surface of the ground, the Avon splashed over its banks The sound of glass shattering pierced in […]

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