‘Unexpected Wake Up Call’- Emma, 11, Ladbrooks School

One dark night when Christchurch was asleep

The earth started moving down so deep

Suddenly, unexpectedly, everything began to shake

Soon people realised, it was a giant earthquake

As I woke up, I stared in fright

At everything shaking in the dead of night

Then Dad came running, for he was so brave

He came to protect me, my life he did save

Into the living room, we did dash

Hoping that photos did not smash

The house was okay, most things were intact

Except for the flat screen TV which had cracked

2 Responses to “‘Unexpected Wake Up Call’- Emma, 11, Ladbrooks School”

  1. Lisa says:

    Great story Emma!

  2. velvet says:

    Great story Emma!

    love the poem its awesome sorry about your TV

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