In the dirt are cracks ingrounded Where the earthquake once has pounded The place where all the buildings lie As smoke swirls up into the sky And from the shattered homes comes smoke Enough to make us cough and choke Even though the families weep At losses that are so deep They’re held together by […]

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Hi my name is Corben and I’m ten and a half years old. I was in the lounge when it hit I was home sick in a couch bed eating lunch. suddenly everything was shaking I flung off my blanket and I raced to the nearest doorway. it went  forever my dad was at home short […]

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On Tuesday the 22nd February 2011 I was having lunch at 12.30pm.  After that I put my lunch box way and went with my friends to the back of the classroom.  All of a sudden the ground started to shake.  I yelled “run out to the field” to my friends.  I ran out to the […]

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