“Run out to the field”-Frank, 12, Heaton Intermediate

On Tuesday the 22nd February 2011 I was having lunch at 12.30pm.  After that I put my lunch box way and went with my friends to the back of the classroom.  All of a sudden the ground started to shake.  I yelled “run out to the field” to my friends.  I ran out to the field and my friends followed me.  The teachers ran out of the classrooms.  Then we got into our class lines.  I saw a tree that had fallen over across St Andrews and Heatons fence.  I was feeling scared and worried.  I was worried about my family.
I heard that it was a 6.3 magnitude quake.  Then I saw my Mum running with my brother and sister.  I felt so much better when I saw them.  There was liquifaction everywhere.  We went in the car back to my house, on the way we saw lots of houses that were wrecked.  My house was fine except for the para pool that was splashed and smashed against the fence and all the water was all over the grass.
I am pleased I know what to do in an earthquake and I feel I would be prepared if there was another one.  I don’t want there to be another one though.

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  1. Deb says:

    Hello Frank,

    Your story is interesting to me because you sound like a leader-person and you knew how to help others.
    We have been hearing alot of stories on the radio and in the newspapers in Australia, and hope you all keep helping one another a little bit each day.
    Thankyou for sharing this with me:)


  2. Ella says:

    Kia ora Frank

    Wow, you were busy on the big earthquake day making sure everyone was looked after well.

    Being scared and worried is normal in these type of situations because it makes you do things as you did with a big spoonful of bravery.

    I can imagine when you saw your Mum, brother and sister that you felt so much better.

    The liquifaction everywhere sounds awful, I have only seen pictures of it and it looks pretty yuk.

    I am pleased you know what to do in an earthquake and I am so glad you looked after people.

    Now it is time to take care of yourself and remember you are precious here in New Zealand. Canterbury will need people like you to lead them into an exciting new future.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Hello Frank :)

    Im very sorry for the devestation that has been caused in Chirstchurch and wish you all the best for you and your family.

    I really feel sorry for you guys but i like the way you warned everyone you sound like a team leader and just remember no matter what happens stay storg and be resilient.

    Kind Regards Rahman Bashir

  4. hello frank

    I am so happy that your family is alright and you are fine.It must be cool being one of the houses that survived.cantubury will need a great leader like you in the future and it is cool that you know what to do when there is an earthquake in canturbury next time.

  5. Taylor :) says:

    Hi Frank
    I am so glad that you and your friends knew what to do when a earthquake hit your area. I’m glad that your family are okay and your so brave coping with this horrible disaster that hit . I hope your starting to get better.

  6. Tazz. says:

    Hi Frank,

    My name is Tazz I go to Northcote Intermediate Schoool.

    I am happy that your family are safe and not injured.
    Its good to hear that you knew what to do in an earthquake and I hope you and your family can move on and live a normal life again.


  7. Lukas and Yeakang says:

    Dear Frank,
    I am very happy that your family is safe.Me and Lukas is very happy that you are safe.Me and Lukas has never been in a earthquake and if were in the earthquake we would have been really scared.Best wishes for your damaged house

    Your Sincerely Yea kang and Lukas

    ps.We are from Northcote Intermediate school

  8. samuel says:

    its great that you used your inititive and told your friends to run to the field. you are very lucky that you had no damage to your house. good luck for the future.
    from samuel

  9. Michael Gouldstone says:

    Hi Frank

    good luck on everything and hopfully everyone is ok be brave and hopefully no aftershock come
    Michael age 12 Auckland ♥

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