When it was the 6.3 earthquake I was waiting with Lorenzo outside the library. Suddenly the earth shook. We ran to the court and did a turtle. When it was finished we lined up in our classes. Then another 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit. We went into the turtle again. Lots of the kids were scared. […]

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‘The Earthquake’-Lucy, 6, Harewood School

A few days ago there was a HUGE earthquake. I was in the cloakroom and it just started shaking so I ran outside so the roof didn’t fall in on me (which it probably wouldn’t) and I made a turtle. I felt very scared. It felt like we could suddenly feel the world going round […]

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I was putting my lunch away at school when the ground starting shaking. I made a turtle on the ground. I felt really scared. The earthquake bell rang and we ran outside on the big court. I went to see if Lucy was alright. I looked after her lots. Mrs Greenwood said to go to […]

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When the earthquake happened I was in the playground on the wobbly bridge. I was lucky I got off. When I got off I did the Turtle shape. I was really scared. By the time we got to the multi-purpose room I was in tears. I was lucky my mum came to take me home. That night […]

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“I wanted my Mummy”- Ethan, 6, Harewood School

I saw pictures in the newspaper. It was sad. People died. There were fire engines, police cars and ambulances. There are collapsed buildings. I did the turtle at school. I wanted my Mummy.

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