Earthquake Poem-Devon, 11, Clearview Primary

Buildings falling, people crushed It’s not uncommon now People screaming on the streets Just wondering how The quake could cause such destruction Sewage on the street People looting everywhere Causing such deceit I know a lady who lost her legs She was working on the press Lots of missing people Causing families stress Time, location, […]

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“Kia Kaha”-Cameron, 11, Clearview Primary

Oh mother earth you’ve broken our city and our hearts, you’ve taken our buildings and lives but you can’t stop us rising up stronger than before, and you also can’t stop the “Kia Kaha” spirit of Canterbury.

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What if it was you? Family lost and everything gone People worrying and crying Friends and family past away Aftershocks everyday Every time it went shake shake shake Lots and lots of things would break What if it was you?

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