When the earthquake happened I thought I was in an army truck but I didn’t care. Just as I was about to go back to sleep Daddy called ‘Millie, earthquake get into my bed’. He had been bashing against the walls. I was squashed in my Mum and Dad’s bed. It was freaky. In the morning […]

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On September 4th there was a 7.1 earthquake. Me and Joseph thought it was an army truck but then we realised it was an earthquake. I fell out of bed, then I got back in. Suddenly Dad came down the hall and shouted ‘Earthquake, Earthquake’. I scrambled to the floor and ran to Mum and Dad’s bed. […]

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I felt our house  moving and I thought it was going to crash into our next door neighbours fence.   It was sort of scary. I was going to go back to sleep when Dad said ‘it’s an earthquake’. Mum shouted ‘get the kids’ .

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