“It was freaky” – Millie, 8, Broadfield School

When the earthquake happened I thought I was in an army truck but I didn’t care. Just as I was about to go back to sleep Daddy called ‘Millie, earthquake get into my bed’. He had been bashing against the walls. I was squashed in my Mum and Dad’s bed. It was freaky. In the morning we felt loads of big aftershocks and we found that one glass was broken and my Dad’s favourite CD case was cracked. Just after we woke up the neighbour called to see if we were all right and told us to fill up containers with water. We got every pan and jug out that we could find and filled it up with water. The power went off so it was dark. We found out that our friends had a little tsunami in their house because of their swimming pool and their dog ran away but they found it again luckily.
We also found out that our friend’s Dad just got home 15 minutes before the earthquake so he had only just got to bed.  I thought there was a crack in my bedroom wall but it was  a cobweb.

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Great story Millie!
    Love from Uncle Steve and Auntie Rose (California)

  2. Great Storie Millie!
    Hope you and your friends and family and ok.

    From Xavier and Louis

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