”Earthquake, Earthquake”- Adam, 7, Broadfield school

On September 4th there was a 7.1 earthquake. Me and Joseph thought it was an army truck but then we realised it was an earthquake. I fell out of bed, then I got back in. Suddenly Dad came down the hall and shouted ‘Earthquake, Earthquake’. I scrambled to the floor and ran to Mum and Dad’s bed. I was frightened. We stayed there for a long time. I was awake until morning. My Dad hugged me tight. My Mum was shaking with fear. A week later there was a 4.2 aftershock known as an afterwave.

4 Responses to “”Earthquake, Earthquake”- Adam, 7, Broadfield school”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Hi Adam,
    Glad to hear you are all right – and try to stay in bed now.
    Congrats on your rippa rugby award
    Love from Uncle Steve and Auntie Rose (California)

  2. Ishtiyaq Alekisio says:

    Are you alright over there. Thank you for sharing your lovely story.

  3. Emme.G says:

    It must have bee very scary

  4. Fiona H says:

    Hi Adam,

    I am Fiona from Northcote Intermediate in Auckland North Shore, I hope that you are ok also your family and friends there, Wish you luck.

    Yours Sincerely Fiona H :)

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