Terina, 7, Addington School

When the big earthquake hit I felt scared but I didn’t cry. I cared for people in room 1 when they cried. Lucky I was in the classroom but then I had to go onto the field. It was a little bit scary. We had two days off school. I was feeling scared because my sister was at work. My Dad picked me up when the biggest one came.

8 Responses to “Terina, 7, Addington School”

  1. Jo says:

    Good on you for looking after the children from room 1, Sophie.

  2. Jo says:

    Woops, it was Terina that wrote that.

  3. Emma Burgess says:

    Wow, great recount Terina. I really liked hearing about how you looked after the people in room 1. I was at my school when the earthquake struck and I agree it was a bit scary. I’m glad you are safe and sound now though.

    Well done

  4. Glenys Barr says:

    Terina, I loved it that you helped look after my brand new Room 1 children, you helped them not feel so scared.

  5. Miss Robson says:

    Terina, I really enjoyed reading your story. You were very brave when the earthquakes happened but you still remembered to look after other people. Well done!

  6. Miss Sydow says:

    What a responsible person you are, caring for the Room 1 children. I am impressed that you were able to care for others, even though you felt scared.

  7. Mrs Abraham says:

    It sounds like you have been very brace, Terina. It is also great to see you using different sentence starters in your writing!

  8. Ms M says:

    what a great recount Terina. It was a little scary, caring about others sounds like something you would do.Thank you for your story

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