Marketa, 7, Addington School

When the earthquake hit I was near my classroom. I was with Alex and Shiann. We all got in a turtle and a teacher came and told us to go the court. Ms Heath came running in a builder’s hat. Mums and Dads came for their children. Some had to wait for a long time. The teachers gave them blankets so they would not be cold. Then a few minutes later there was another 6.3 earthquake. It was really big and the house was moving lots. There were three more days of no school which was really exciting.

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  1. Miss Sydow says:

    I remember seeing Ms Heath in her special hat too! It was cold while we were waiting to go home. It’s good we had some blankets. I enjoyed reading your story.

  2. Mrs Abraham says:

    Your recount is very detailed, Markea, excellent work!

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