‘When the 6.3 Earthquake came- ‘Byron, 10, Addington School

At first I didn’t know what to do but at the start it was peaceful of course. I was at Glenelg playing games with friends Devon, James and Cody. Then our teacher came shopping for new things to put in our choosing box. Then it happened the Earthquake hit. She yelled” GO TO THE CHESS BOARD NOW ” so we did. Devon was on roller skates climbing the stairs I was on the chess board then Devon got under glass. I yelled to him “get away from the glass it could shatter all over you” so he did. We started to move down to the house. They gave us lollies then aftershocks came, it was kind of scary I would say. Then we moved down further for two hours or less and got into vans to go to a house. There we had afternoon tea and dinner then got under tables and had a nap. Then a lady came and said “Byron and Sarah time to go home” so we did. My Mum was terrified but happy to see us. It was nice to know that we were safe in our own house again safely.

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    Dear Byron,
    WOW you gave some great advice I’m so sad that you were in a earthquake good job your lucky u survived in another post a little girl was watching the news and saw a bloody face yuk but thnx for sharing this with us.
    From Caity.N,Emerald primary school (AUSTRAILIA)

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