‘My Earthquake Story’- Ashwini, 5, Ilam School

I was at school on the day of the earthquake. We went to a Marae for a field trip and just got back to school on the bus. My mummy was a parent helper but she left. It was lunchtime. I finished eating and was just about to get up to put my lunch box away. Then the earthquake happened! Everything was shaking. I slipped when I got into turtle position. I felt scared. My friends were crying. The teachers brought us to the field. There were more aftershocks. We had to wait for our parents to come. I felt very safe when Mama came.

3 Responses to “‘My Earthquake Story’- Ashwini, 5, Ilam School”

  1. Kumar says:

    Dear Ashwini,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us all! That must have been very scary, but I am glad that everyone at school was safe in the end and that you felt safe after your mommy came to get you! Hope that you are happy to be back at school again now!

  2. Jade M says:

    Dear Ashwini,
    Thanyou for your piece of descriptice writing. It must of been really scary! Lucky it is all over now! You are a very brave girl and everyone is really proud of you. WELL DONE!

    From Jade
    Emerald Primary School – Australia

  3. Kiara N says:

    Dear Ashwini,
    Thankyou for your piece of writing.It must have been really scary when the earthquake hit. I am really glad that no one was hurt.

    From Kiara N, Emerald Primary School (Australia)

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