‘Hope After the Earthquake’- Anusha, 8, Ilam School

When I saw the news about the earthquake that happened on February 22nd I was terror-struck that people died and were badly injured and by the sites of buildings that had collapsed. I live in Ilam which was not badly affected. For a while we had no power and water. We couldn’t use the bathroom or shower for about 10 days. But I was glad that all my family was safe.

My family and I wanted to do something to help our suffering city. My dad helped shovel silt from a friend’s house. My mum, my sister and I baked food for the Christchurch Baking Army to feed the Student Army because they helped shovel silt for days.

When the September 4th earthquake occurred we happened to be in India on my dad’s sabbatical. I was scared for my friends who couldn’t sleep because of the aftershocks. We came across these little dolls called Tsunamikas. The dolls are symbols of hope and were made by fisherwomen whose lives changed forever after the 2004 tsunami. We thought it would be nice to give these dolls to the kids at my school when we got back. We ordered 600 dolls and brought them to NZ. Then the February 22nd earthquake happened and I now know what my friends went through in September. Last week mom and dad gave out the dolls to all the kids in my school. Everybody liked them. I hope they help them cope with the aftershocks and feel safe. My Tsunamika dolls help me sleep better and not be scared.

I like seeing the people of Christchurch doing their parts to get our city back to normal. I’m glad we could help a little too.

At school, I wrote a haiku about the earthquake. It goes like this:


leaves nothing

but hope.

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  1. Liz says:

    That is so awesome Anusha! It is so wonderful that these Tsunamikas – symbols of hope – are made by those who have suffered so very much and in a completely different country and culture. I guess it reminds us that we all identify with people suffering no matter where we are and that new hope can come out of situations of despair and sadness.

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Anusha and to your mum and dad and Ashwini.
    I was so touched when Rebecca brought home her Tsunamika. It was so thoughtful of your family to do this for your Ilam School community. I have been meaning to see your Mum to say thank you in person but it hasn’t happened. Just saw your beautiful writing here and that of Ashwini. Well done girls. Love from Catherine – mum of Rebecca and Charlotte. (formerly at ECLC at UC).
    xxoo Keep safe

  3. Deborah says:

    Hello Anusha,

    Thankyou for sharing the haiku. You have written a very inspiring story. It is wonderful to hear about all the amazing help everyone is being to each other. Especially to know you have shared the little dolls with your school. It made me think of the people in Japan – they like to share little dolls. I am going to let all my friends know about the love you and your family are sharing in Christchurch. XX

  4. Kumar says:

    Dear Anusha,
    Thank you for the lovely story! It is so refreshing and beautiful to hear about how everyone is coming together and doing their part to rebuild the community in a time of crisis. Keep up the good work!

  5. kel says:

    dear anusha

    very intresting story

    nice work


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