‘When the earthquake happened’-Ethan, 6, Harewood school

Before the earthquake happened I put my lunch box away and went to wait for my friends, and then I felt the ground moving and rumbling, then I made a turtle.  The teachers came running out and came to check on the kids.  The earthquake bell rang and we went down to the court.  I was scared but felt happier when mum and dad came to get me.

3 Responses to “‘When the earthquake happened’-Ethan, 6, Harewood school”

  1. Ella says:

    Hi Ethan

    I would be very happy if my parents picked me up after all that commotion at school. Dear me, it sounded as though it was quite hard for you all there.

    What a great job you did getting into a turtle and waiting for the teachers to come for you and what lovely teachers to look after you so well.

    Please remember Ethan there are millions of people including the President of the USA, Prime Ministers of Australia and the UK as well as the Queen who are thinking of you all and have sent messages of support.

    We all think you are very brave!
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Mrs Greenwood says:

    You were great keeping safe and doing your turtle. It was great that we all looked after each other while we waitied for our Mums and Dads.

  3. Mrs Balcar says:

    Well done Ethan. Iwis I could have made myself into a turtle and been with you at school.
    What a great place to be after the earthquake waiting for your Mums and Dads with great teachers. I bet you were pleased to see Mumand Dad when they arrived. Well done.

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