“The worst day of my life so far”-Clara, 8, St Martins Primary School

“Me and my friends were playing on the playground, me, Eliza, Evelyn and Lauren then the, the, the, rumbling the tumbling the crashing the bashing it was all so scary but then it stopped.

We needed to go to the field so we did but on the way I started to cry. We saw big lumps in the path. We sat down but then we saw Ms. Williams our teacher so we went to her.

It was the worst day of my LIFE so far. The after shocks kept coming. It was extra scary because my parents were not with me.  My Mum came a while later and I felt much safer then.  She tried to text my Dad, she managed to and then he came. I felt much, much safer.   Then Lauren left.  Me, Eliza and Evelyn played in the mown grass and we made a seat out of the mown grass.  We played sumo wrestling with mown grass in our tops.  They set up the Year 7 & 8’s tents for camp for people who had houses that had collapsed and that are not stable for people.  Then we went home by the river way, there was a big crack in the road.  My Dad biked home.  When we got home it was quite messy.  My room was one of the undamaged rooms but it was ugly like that because my room is sometimes a bit messy.  We had a sandwich for dinner and we slept on mattresses in the lounge.  I went to the toilet quite a lot, we had to go to the toilet in the garden shed.  It was hard to sleep!!!  In the morning all day we dug out silt – it came up from underground.  We still had no power.”

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  1. Ella says:

    Kia ora Clara

    It is not a surprise that you felt like crying on a day such as that particular day.

    It was great that Ms. Williams was there to look after you until your parents arrived.

    I can imagine you felt loads better when Mum came and then Dad a little later.

    You had lots of fun with the sumo wrestling and mown grass, that would have made everyone laugh I expect.

    I think you would be let off having to tidy your bedroom for a wee while don’t you?

    As for the toilet, well that is certainly a challenge.

    Hopefully soon power gets restored and things settle down for you. I am thinking of you lots Clara and my fingers are crossed for you.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Anne-Marie Richardson says:

    What a lovely descriptive story Clara. I’m so glad you and your family are safe. It’s good to see you did manage to have some fun playing in the mown grass.

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