‘When it happened’-Ashley, 10 1/2, Harewood school

When the earthquake was about to strike I was outside by the office with Reagan . I heard the rumble at first and then it began, so I threw my self under Mrs Dini’s desk it felt like it went for ages.:-\ .Then it finely finished . Then the bell rang a minute after the earthquake . Mum & Dad where the 2nd parents there . I was so relived when they came . When the 2nd aftershock came everyone was crying . After that we went to the multi purpose room . 1 hour after that , me and my family went home . When we got home the garage bricks had crumpled one other brick . It is really sad for everyone in Christchurch but it has been good helping people in the Distribution Center at New Brighton after the earthquake.

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  1. Trish Noble says:

    Hi Ashley, what a great recount of your experiences. You did well to crawl under Mrs Dini’s desk! All the teachers were so proud of the kids, you were very brave and knew just the right thing to do. It’s great you and your family have been helping out in the community. Looking forward to seeing you back at school! Love Miss Noble

  2. Ella says:

    Hello Ashley

    Wow… you are fast and a good thinker to be have the presence of mind to jump under Mrs Dini’s desk.

    I imagine you were very pleased to see Mum and Dad and they would have been delighted to see you too.

    You are great to help out in New Brighton after the earthquake for those that need it.

    Please remember we are all thinking of you and your family, say Hi to them all from me.
    From Ella in Auckalnd.

  3. Mrs Greenwood says:

    You did the right thing when the earthquake happened – well done. Your Mum and Dad were a great help at school and it sounds like you have all been doing a wonderful job helping others and demonstrating our Harewood School values. Well done!

  4. Mrs Balcar says:

    Ashley- wow what a great girl. I don’t think I’d fit under Mrs Dini’s desk, but you did all the best things. You were lucky to be at Harewood School. I wish I had been able to be there. It sounds very loving and caring. I’m very proud of the school and the terachers and children. You all did a great job on a scarey day. Thank you that I could read your letter
    Mrs Balcar

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