‘The Day The Earth Shook’-Lily, 11, Templeton Primary

Imagine being in a small shed with sports items around you and then suddenly it was shaking and the noise sounded like the shed was going to fall down on me and my friends. I was so scared I thought my Mum was hurt and I did not know where Dad was. At school it was scary not knowing if your family was safe. I went home with my caregiver when Mum came to get me I was so relieved to see her now I all I need to do was see Dad and I was fine I knew all my family was safe I was happy until our cat ran away but then she came back.

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  1. Ella says:

    Oh Lily thank you so much for telling your story on here. I can only imagine what is was like as I have never had such an experience like this before.

    I can understand you being scared and worried all at the same time, I would have been too I am sure.

    When your Mum came, you and she would have been so thrilled to see each other again, and then when Dad came later it would have been wonderful.

    Poor old cat, that is not a surprise she ran off, but good she came back. I guess there is no way a cat can know what is going on and we can’t tell them either.

    I am pleased you are all well and together. I am hoping the very best for you and your family.

    I watched the memorial service on Tv last week and it was very moving, where you there?

    Take good care of yourself Lily, you are the future of Canterbury and you are much needed.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Lilly Belle says:

    Hi Lily
    I heard what happened and I am truely sorry
    I hope your mum gets better
    I am the same age as you and i wish I could come and help
    All the best for the future

    Sincerely Lilly Belle
    Northcote int

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