‘My Earthquake story’- Samantha, 11, Templeton Primary school

On Tuesday the 22/2/11 just before 1:00pm a big 6.3 earthquake hit. I was in the p.e shed with 2 other friends ,I was scared. When I went outside I saw heaps of parents coming to pick up their kids. When it started to rain the teachers told everyone to go into the auditorium. In the auditorium they put on Finding Nemo and gave everyone some chocolate. About half way through the movie my brothers dad came to pick me up because my mum was stuck at Riccarton Mall. On the way home we stopped at the dairy and I had to stay in the car. While I was waiting an aftershock hit. There was a big truck in front of us and I was just watching it rock side to side. It was scary.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Samantha

    I hope you are over the scared feeling you had on the day of the big earthquake. It is a hard thing to think about I am sure.

    So many people were afraid that day and you have been one of the many brave who have been able to write about it so that those of us who have not experienced it can get an idea of what it was like.

    Your teachers sound great, with handing out chocolate and putting on a movie and looking after you well. Did you ever get to see the end of it? Finding Nemo is one of my favourite movies!

    I hope Mum got through and that you and your family are all well and together now.

    You know that the rebuilding of Canterbury will take a little while and you will be one of the contributors, as young people will come forward and have their say on their future…this is an important role and I know you will do well in that Samantha.

    Good luck from Ella in Auckland.

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