‘The Big Shake’- Kareem, 8, Shirley Primary

I was a home at the time because it was parent teacher interviews. 6.1 was scarier because it was only 5km deep and the other one was 50Kms deep. I was screaming. Me, my mum and my dad thought that we were going to die. My sister was thrown side to side in her cot. I was thinking about my friends at kids club. The day it happened I saw the water pipes had burst and silt came up with it. At school silt came up in front of Room 8 (my room). My home is not liveable.

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  1. Raewyn says:

    Hi Kareem….I’m sorry that you can’t live in your house after the earthquake….I bet your Mum and Dad were glad that you were home from school that day so they could be with you straight away….I bet screaming was what lots of peole needed to do the day of the earthquake…it was a huge and soooo scary thing to happen to the people and buildings of Christchurch. You are brave to be be able to think about what was happening to your friends at kids club with all the damage happening around you….Thankyou for telling us what it was like in the earthquake Kareem…I live in Tauranga and we are thinking about you all down in Christchurch every day…from Raewyn.

  2. ella says:

    Hi Kareem

    Wow you had a big day last week. What a terrible experience for you and your family and friends.

    It was good that you were at home all together so you could look after each other. I bet you gave your baby sister a big hug after you got her out of the cot.

    I am sure there are lots of cuddles going on in your house in between hugs!

    I am sorry your home is not liveable and I hope that you are somewhere good for now until you get your home sorted out.

    I want you to remember that we are thinking of you all the time and want the very best for you.

    Take care Kareem, best wishes to your family and friends too.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Sally says:

    Although Kareem has said he was screaming he was also very BRAVE! The silt came up very quickly and looked strange to see the cracks everywhere. We left our house that day and have not returned since. Kareem is attending Hawea Flat school in the wonderful careing community of Hawea and Wanaka. We feel very blessed to be here safe and together. From Kareems mum xx

  4. Sylvia Fidow says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Kareem. The earthquake was very scary and I was just so happy that school had closed early for us.

    I am pleased that you were well looked after in Wanaka but even more pleased that you have returned home to Shirley Primary!!

  5. Miss Klomp says:

    Wow Kareen what an amazing story! I am glad you are safe and having fun. We are back at school busy learning new things and watching the diggers tidy up the silt we had at school! Keep on being a superstar and takecare.

    Miss K

  6. lucy spargo says:

    you were very brave and i hope your sister is fine

  7. jade says:

    hi kareem,

    i enjoyed your story very much, i am very sorry for whst happened to you in Chirstchurch.

  8. Auntie Kim says:

    Wasn’t it lucky that the parent-teacher interviews were on that day so you could be with your parents and sister during that terrifying time? It sounds as though you were very brave, Kareem. We were so relieved to hear that you were all safe. What an experience you have been through, a tale you can tell your own children and grandchildren one day. We hope you are enjoying seeing your friends at kids’ club again, and being back at your own school. Bet Papa is enjoying having you all around. Take care. We are thinking of you all in Christchurch.
    Lots of love from the Prince-Baker clan in Auckland xx
    p.s. Violet sends sloppy licks and excited “woofs”!

  9. Chris Mealing says:

    Hi Kareem
    You sound like a very brave young boy.
    I am pleased that you were with your whole family and that you were at home.
    I hope you are feeling a bit better about things as everything starts to get back
    to normal.

  10. Pam says:

    Hi Kareem

    Your Mumsaid that you were very brave when the earthquake happened and she was very proud of you. Hope you are enjoying being back at school with your friends and having fun staying at Poppas.

  11. Angela Kareems Aunty says:

    You have been very brave Kareem going through two big quakes and have been an exellent role model to your little cousin Mia and your sister Nada. We are pleased that you are back in Christchurch as we were missing you.

    Love Aunty Ang
    From Mia
    It was fun under the table drinking our milo and laying on our bean bags, looking after Nada.
    Love Mia

  12. Dawn Kareem's Nana says:

    kareem im so proud of you what a big brave grandson you are. thanks for all your help when your mum and dad where packing up the house you were so good reading to Nada an your cousin Mia they loved it, to think you have been through two big quakes and you still help others to be brave, just like you

    Love Nana

  13. Angela Kareems Aunty says:

    Kareem you have been such a good role model to your cousin Mia and sister Nada. You have been so brave and help them not to feel so frightened. Thank you for teaching Mia what to do in an earthquake you are a great teacher.

    Love Aunty Ang

    I had fun playing under the table, drinking our milo and sleeping on bean bags. I love you Kareem, you were very good in the earthquake.
    Love Mia

  14. Aunty Maxine and Uncle Jason says:

    Dear Kareem

    Always such a strong young man, it was very scarey being in Australia and not knowing if you were all okay so I could imange how scarey it was for you. It was really great to talk to you when you were down in Hawea and to know you are all safe. Remember your Magic Wand storey to stop the Earthquacks. We both miss you all so much. Give Nada, Mum, Dad, Papa and Pud high hugs and kisses

    Love you always
    Missing you xxxxxxx

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