‘My story’-Samantha, 6, Hillview Christian School

I was sitting on a deck with Hope & Sam by the water fountain when the earthquake happened. I fell of onto the concrete and hurt my arm. My friends were crying and Mrs Vosslamber told me to sit on the grass. I had to sit outside on a blue mat for a long time. It took hours for Mummy to come and get me. I wasn’t scared anymore. When we got home, my brother and I played outside while Mummy and Daddy tried to pick up broken things. I was wet and then I cried and wanted a hot bath. My bike and scooter were buried in the mud. We had to stay at my Aunties and we had pancakes for breakfast on the last day.

2 Responses to “‘My story’-Samantha, 6, Hillview Christian School”

  1. reuben and Mia says:

    we hope your arm is ok now and that you have your bike and scooter

  2. Ella says:

    Hello Samantha

    It sounds pretty terrible for you when the big earthquake came.

    I do hope your arm is better and that you have been able to see Hope & Sam again to talk over your experience.

    Mrs Vosslamber sounds so nice and kind to look after you.

    It sounds as though you got fed up looking at the blue mat waiting for Mummy.

    I reckon Mummy would have been so pleased to see you as much as you were to see her.

    Pancakes are yummy for breakfast aren’t they? Did you help Aunty make them?

    We are all thinking of you!
    Take care and send my best wishes to all your family, friends and school.
    From Ella in Auckland.


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