‘My story’-Renee, 7, Harewood School

On the day of the earthquake I was going to find my friend Acacia. I had left the library and got to the ramp and the ground shook and I thought I was the only person feeling it. Then I ran to a fence outside my classroom and I ducked down like a turtle. Then Courtney and Katerina appeared next to me. When I stood up I was a bit scared. Courtney was really scared and so was Katerina. They started to cry. Then the firebell went and we ran to the court with everyone else. All the teachers came running too. We had a talk about what had happened and the teachers asked if we wanted a hug.. I didn’t want one. Katerina and Courtney got one from Mrs Tamblyn and Mrs Stone. Then it started to rain so we moved to the Multi-Purpose Room for shelter and Mrs Stone and Mr Fish played their guitars to try to cheer us up. Lots of children were still crying, I put my arms around Courtney and Katerina. They got a tissue from Mrs Tamblyn. Mum came to get me and went home. My dad and sister were in Hanmer for Vanessa’s school camp. I wanted dad home. My cat Buddy slept with me and Mum that night. He was up and down off the bed like a yoyo. The next day my dad and Vanessa came home. I was very happy.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Renee

    Well you certainly had a big experience on the day of the earthquake, how strange was that feeling when you thought you were the only person feeling it?

    The turtle is a great thing to do, it has kept a lot of people safe in this wobbly time.

    I am glad that your teachers looked after you all well before Mum was able to pick you up.

    What a shame it took so long for Dad and your sister to get home but what a relief for you and your Mum.

    I hope Buddy has calmed down now, you will have a special job looking after him as he won’t understand what an earthquake is.

    I am very happy you are all together now and safe, please take care and send my best wishes to all your friends, family and school.

    Very best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  2. Mrs Stone says:

    What a great big story. We love the similes that you use- like a yoyo. Super writing

  3. Mrs Greenwood says:

    It was great to see the way everyone looked after each other on the day of the earthquake. You show our school values so well! Harewood School is a great place to be!

  4. Mrs Balcar says:

    I am so proud of you when the earthquake hit at Harwood school. You did all the right things.
    It’s just ok to feel a bit scared. I certainly was. I wish I had been at Harewood that day.
    You were so lucky to have the Multi-purpose room to go into all together.
    Our cat named Tamar got on and off the bed that night as well and decided to sleep under the bed in the end. It was a good place for her.
    Mrs Balcar

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