‘My story’-Nina, 4, RangiRuru Pre-school

I was holding on to the monkey bars and the earthquake came right behind me, then the ground started shaking and then all the teachers shouted and then I don’t know how many people cried. Some people cried and some people didn’t, but I didn’t. And then I started crying a wee bit because Mum was taking so long. And then Mum came and picked me up and then we went back home and we couldn’t get back home because there was a lot of traffic.
We walked through the liquefaction and Mum was carrying me on her back and then somewhere we holded onto a fence because nobody wanted to fall into the liquefaction and so did I and then Grandma came and picked us up halfway and then we stopped at Thorrington School and then Mum ran out and then she was checking if Amelie was there because she cried when the earthquake happened and Mum checked to see if she was there and she wasn’t and Aaron and Hayden were there and she asked them if they wanted a ride and the teacher said no, they needed to wait for their Mum and Dad to pick them up.
And then we went back home and then we checked to see if our house was alright and it wasn’t then Dad came back home and then Grandma went back home and then we tidied up all the mess and then Asher came and he wanted to ring Chris and he said hi to Chris very slowly he was crying and then he stopped crying and then he played and then Grandma said if it rained all of the children go inside the tent and then it started raining and then Grandad told us a story called Big Ears and then we went to sleep and then I drawed a lovely picture and then the next morning we went to Hanmer and we wrote you a story and I got some new Gogos. That’s the end.

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  1. ella says:

    Dear Nina

    Thank you for your very good letter telling us what was happening on that big day.

    It sounds as though you were very busy helping Mum look for people.

    A lot of people have been crying and that’s not a bad thing either, it is good for us to get some of the bad feelings out.

    How lovely to have Grandad read a story called Big Ears before you went to sleep. I am so pleased you were able to draw a lovely picture before going to Hamner, that’s such a lovely place.

    And new Gogos too, wow!

    Take good care of yourself and look after your family and friends too. We are all thinking of you.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Perosi and Natalie says:

    Dear Nina

    Thanks so much for sharing your story I hope you and your family and fine now.

    I would have been really scared if that happend to me. Lucky you were so BRAVE!!!


    Perosi and Natalie, Auckland

  3. paige says:

    hi how are you, are you ok, are you still scared?
    is any of your familys stack in the rubble?
    is your friends all right?
    hows your mum and dad?
    is anyone in your family hurt?
    and most inportantly are you OK?

  4. Hey Nina

    Im absalutly amazed by the great pieace of work you write for a 4 year old girl i think you deseve a pat on the back. :)

    I hope everything is starting to get back to the way it is you sounded like you really perservered i hope you have a great start on Primary when the time comes but something i really liked about your writing you sounded like you really meant what your saying. :)

    I hope your family is okay and that story your grandad said sounded awsome! :)

    Kind Regards
    Rahman Bashir

  5. Matt says:

    Hey Nina that’s one brave sensible little girl you are . i’m glad your dear reliable gran came to the rescue & grandpa had a nice story for yuo 2 take your mind off all the scary stuff.i hope you & Elliot + your ma & pa had a more pleasant time of it at Hanmer & you managed a swim at the hot pools or awalk around the beautiful golf course. You are a very cool little girl & i think all your family are awesome.we look 4ward to meeting you one day ,. A big hi & Hug to clare & H & the “old” granparents too
    Good luck for the rest of the year Your North Is Relative Kia Kaha my little friend x

  6. courtney says:

    hi brave girl1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jacki says:

    Nina, what a fantastic story you have written. You certainly have a wonderful gift of letting everyone know what it was like. We are all proud of you at Rangi Ruru.

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