“Are you ok Blake”?-Trent, 8, St Mark’s School

On Tuesday 22nd of February there was a 6.3 earthquake.  I was on the monkeybars and then it happened.  I fell off and got winded and if you don’t know what winded means it means that you can’t breath in.  Then I ran like a turkey with no bones then I went into the shape of a turtle to keep safe.  I saw my brother Blake, I said “are you ok Blake”, my friends came over and we all helped my brother get to his class.  Blake was crying and then after a wee while I was crying too.  I then had to go and check if everybody was okay.  The teachers called out our names and if we heard our names we had to say yes.  Some of my friends started to cry too, it was hard work to stop crying.  Then four of my friends kept me company they were quite nice to put there arms around me and my arms around them.  Our teacher said lets play paper sissors rock we played and I won.
I don’t like earthquakes, but the best part of all is YOU DON’T GET TO GO TO SCHOOL!!! but I do miss my school friends.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Trent – you sound very brave to me and it was nice that your friends all kept each other company. I hope you can get back to school soon.

  2. ella says:

    Hi Trent

    Thank you for writing on this website of your experience on Tuesday 22nd February, you have written this very well and it gives me a good picture of what it must have been like at St Marks on that day.

    It was a day of tears for a lot of people so you shared that experience too. It is not a bad thing to cry it clears some of the difficult stuff in our heads when we need it. Good on you for being so caring as well.

    What fun to play ‘paper,scissors, rock’ and even better to win!

    All kids like some time off school but not for this, and I am sure you are making the most of being at home but will be very happy to be back at school with all your friends soon.

    All the very best to you and all your family and friends, millions of people are looking at you all now and we are very proud of all of you in the Canterbury region.

    Best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  3. saul & cairo says:

    Dear blake

    We know you miss your school friend.
    I hope your house is not too badly damaged.
    We are doing a funky hair day and bringing a donation and food for Christchurch.

    Best wishes by Cairo and Saul.

  4. Raewyn says:

    Hi Trent…Thankyou for your neat descriptions of what happened during the earthquake for you guys….I liked what you said about “It was hard to stop crying”…our bodies are good at knowing what we need eh?? The earthquake was so sudden and soooo scary that crying really needed to happen to let your scared feelings out..It sounds like you and your friends at school did an amazing job of caring for each other ..keeping company and arms around each other..you guys will always be grateful for the love you shared and care you took of each other that scary earthquake day.. I bet you always appreciate Paper, scissors, rock too!! Blake would have been glad that you were there with your friends to help him back to his room….You did soooo well on such a hugely scary day Trent – Good on you : ) I live in Taurnaga and our city sends our love to the people of Christchurch every day Trent. Bye for now, from Raewyn.

  5. Tupoki Wairau -Hunter says:

    Dear Trent
    Is good to know that your safe is your famly safe are your friends safe
    Than way explaned it sounned scery. Are you all right from that fall off the monkey bars.

  6. Jordan Moh says:

    Dear Trent

    I’m glad to hear that you and your brother are alright. It’s great that you have nice and caring friends. Sorry it interuppted your monkey bar time. How long is school cancelledhave fun and best wishes.

    Your regards,
    Jordan Moh, SBC
    ( P.S i’m Taran’s best friend)

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