‘My Story’-Jake, 6, Halswell school

When the 6.3 earthquake happened we got under the tables. We lined up outside and Mrs O Callahan led us to safety. When I got to the field I got scared because water was coming out of the ground.  I felt better when I saw that the water was not going to rise above the school.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Jake

    Thank you for your story, it is good that you wrote it on here.

    I am in Auckland and watching TV to see what is happening in your area and hoping very much that things will settle down and that children can get back to school soon and be with their friends.

    Please remember that there are lots of people who are trying to help. Some are raising money and sending things like blankets and toys.

    There are people sending messages and now Prince William is coming to Christchurch to be there to show his support.

    Best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  2. Nicky and Vaisioa says:

    Dear Jake

    Its good to know that you and your friends are safe. We are both glad that you have a great teacher that
    led you to safety. We hope that the water has stopped coming out of the ground and the school has
    been repaired. Northcote Intermediate hopes for the best and prays that everything is ok.

    From Vaisioa and Nicky

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