‘My story’-Elliot, 10, Harewood School

On Tuesday the 22nd of February at lunchtime I  was just going to get a drink from the cloakroom with Espen, then all of a sudden there was a whole lot of shaking I was just waiting for it to stop assuming it was another aftershock, but it didn’t stop, the shaking got stronger and stronger!  We started running into our classroom to get under the desks but some other kids were trying to run out of the classroom so we all ended up running into each other.
Once I was under the desk things started falling off shelves, I didn’t know when the shaking would stop it felt like minutes had passed by.
I heard the bell ring so we walked quickly out to the court to our meeting place and to line up, it was so scary!
We felt another big jolt, we fell down like turtles and put our hands over our heads, the ground moved like waves lots of kids were crying and very frightened, my sister was so upset she said she wanted Mum I remember saying it will be alright but really I was so frightened myself.
Once we were all assembled we walked to the multi purpose room, the teachers were so calm, but I do think they were frightened as well, they played the guitars and sang songs.  I didn’t really feel like singing I just wanted my sister Camille and I to go home and be safe.
Not long after that I saw lots of parents coming to pick up their children then I saw my Mum I was so pleased to see her and see she was safe as well.
My neighbour Karen rang Mum to say she was stuck in Auckland so could we pick up Angus he was also very frightened, Mum, Camille, Angus and I all sat under the table that afternoon with a large bowl of nacho chips we played scrabble but it was hard to concentrate.
We waited and waited to hear from Dad it was scary because we didn’t know if he was ok then finally we got a text message saying he was trying to get home, it took Dad 4 hours to get home and he was dirty and tired, we were so pleased to see him home safely!!
That night we all slept in Mum and Dads room we had no power but we all had a torch, Mum and Dad pulled our mattresses from our beds into their room.
I just hope soon the aftershocks will stop and this crisis will be over so we can get on with our lives normally!

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  1. Liz France says:

    Well written Elliot- you were a very brave big brother.Camile was calm once you sat with her. Miss France

  2. Ella says:

    Hello Elliot

    Oh dear, sounds as though things were a bit bad when the earthquake started and you all ran into each other.

    Good that you got under the desk with all the stuff falling around your ears, I can imagine you were scared.

    The turtle position seems to be a great idea and it works well.

    You are truly brave when you are afraid yourself and have to put that aside to look after others like your sister.

    What wonderful teachers you have, I think I would not be a very good one having to stay so calm as they did. Singing is very beneficial, all sorts of people do it in terrible situations.

    I am sure Mum was equally pleased to see you as you were to see her. I am pleased Dad got home too.

    And nacho chips, that seems the perfect medicine to take after such a scare.

    Take good care, thinking of you lots.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Trish Noble says:

    Hey Elliot, you really clearly expressed the reality of that earthquake in your story. Clever writing! We were so proud of you all at school that day, especially our big kids who bravely helped to reassure our younger ones. It was pretty scary wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to school starting back and, as you say, getting back to living our lives normally! See you soon. Love Miss Noble.

  4. Dar says:

    Hi Elliot, you have written this so well that I could imagine what you were going through and it brought tears to my eyes, imagining how scared you must have been and also how brave you all were. I agree with you, as well, about the aftershocks ending and getting back to our normal lives. Take care and see you soon.
    Dar xx

  5. Mrs Greenwood says:

    Elliot your story describes so well what happened on the day of the earthquake. Thanks for the support you gave others even though you were frightened too.

  6. Mrs Balcar says:

    Hi Elliot, What a wonderful story you have written about the earthquake. Although it all was pretty scarey, you have written it so well. I’m sure your tachers were frightened. I certainly was. You and your school did so well that day. I’m not sure I would have been as calm as all of you.
    I bet it felt a long time until you heard from Dad. Mum and Dad would have been proud of you as well. I would have liked to have been under your table eating nachos, but I don’t think I would have done too well with the scrabble either. Take Care

  7. Otis and Joseph says:

    My name is Otis and I am a Year six student at Riwaka School near Nelson It would have been really scary! Are you and your family alright? I hope so!

    I am Joseph and I am a Year 7 student at Riwaka School.
    Are you going to your school or is it closed? We hope that you can go back to school to see your friends.
    It would have been so scary for you!
    Be strong!

    From Otis and Joseph.

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