‘My story’-Alice, 11, Halswell School

When the quake hit I was walking back from seeing if we had to do wet day monitoring. I was standing on the decking in front of our classes with 3 other girls. It was really scary because one of the girls screamed & we went underneath the railing to the path.  We had the classrooms on one side & the hall on the other side of us. Once it had stopped, we went to the middle syndicate & assembled out on the field. We got into our classes & an aftershock hit, ten minutes after the first one and everyone screamed. When we were on the field there was liquefaction everywhere & our island on which we had to stand got smaller & smaller. One of my friends left as soon as her mum came. I had to go home with my friends mum because my mum was over in Tai Tapu & had to come back home to get her car. The house we are in suffered no damage at all. We have been baking & giving food to the Rolleston community who took the food the east side of town.  Also we helped shovel up liquefaction at Halswell school [my school] last Wednesday. We go back to school tomorrow (Wednesday 9th March) and I am hoping that there will be no more big earthquake/aftershocks.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Alice

    When the earthquake hit you it must have been terrifying as you were already used to lots of aftershocks.

    The liquifaction sounds pretty bad at your school, I feel sorry for you standing on your ever decreasing island.

    I am glad your Mum got home safe and your house suffered no damage.

    Gosh you have been excellent in giving and sharing in this time, it shows the best of people when things get tough.

    Good luck back at school, please send my very best wishes to all the people you know!
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Autumn says:

    That was so very kind of you to give out food!
    Lots of liquefaction it sounds like

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