‘My earthquake experience’-Ashley, 12, Kaiapoi Borough School

On the day of the Boxing day earthquake I was at my Aunty Jo, Uncle Mark and Cousin Ellaʼs House, in Tai Tapu. My family had been there for Christmas day and we stayed the night in our caravan. Uncle Markʼs brother Robert, his wife Simon and their two children Caitlin and Antony were there as well from Wellington.

We were all chillinʼ out on the couches after a big day yesterday, and watching youtube on the new TV Uncle Mark brought for Christmas. Before long the conversation turned to earthquakes and we were all explaining what it was like to be in one. Dad gave his theory on how he thinks earthquakes work and move. He thinks that there are different movements e.g. forwards and backwards or a rolling approach. I sort of agree with him and can see where he is coming from. Itʼs an interesting theory.

Just after Robert told us that he would like to feel an aftershock, one started. It shook the chandeliers and shocked everyone into silence. The room was full of uneasy tension as we waited for another to start. Mum amazed me when she walked into the room. She had been walking down the hall at the time and hadnʼt even felt it! Soon we were all chattering away like Ellie in a good mood.

My earthquake experience was exciting but at the same time scary.

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