‘IT WAS EXITING AND SCARY’-Joshua, 11, Hillview Christian School

First me , cole and josiah were waiting near our classmates waiting to go to technology classes.i was eating pistachios and then we felt a foreshock.it was like a big thud. then another thud.after that there was a massive earthquake.i was choking on a pistachio nut and thinking,this is the eight.its an eight point 9! half of me was scared and the other half had an adrenaline rush.then i swallowed my pistachio nut and saw a girl above a massive rack.i yelled,get off! then when she got of it opened then closed and water and liquifaction spurt everywere.then we gathered on the feild and i saw my dog buddy and my dad coming. WE WERE HEADING TO TOWN TO PICK UP MUM AND THEN WE SAW FIRE ON THE CTV BUILDING!ALL OF A SUDDEN MUM CAME RUNNING INTO THE CAR SCREAMING SOMETHING! then we went home and had a barbecue on the street and the rest is history!!!

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  1. Ella says:

    Kia ora Joshua

    Indeed you are quite right about history. You have just been through a piece of worldwide history that impacted on peoples lives and will carry on doing so for a long time.

    And you were there! Feeling it and seeing it, in all its worse moments with the destruction and screaming and fear.

    And you also experienced all the wonderful things that people did, the extreme bravery of people pulling others out of dangerous situations. The deep kindness of people helping others to get through and the courage of managing through everyday situations that had turned into custard!

    The adrenalin is the magic ingredient that makes us do things, in sports, in our work and especially like this. Clearly you have lots of bravery there to get the girl to get off the rack so she would be safe. And I am sure you did many other brave things too.

    Keep up the good work Joshua, Canterbury needs you!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. courtney says:

    ofcouse it was skery

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