“it felt like being in a salt shaker”-Thomas, 8, Hillview Christian School

It was a nice day I was eating my lunch and then it happening it was a terrifying earthquake it felt like being in a salt shaker  getting shaked. It was freaky.  My friend said he wanted to phone Pizza Hut when it happened. I was petrified. I was scared when I saw my mums face. Our school was covered in  liquifaction. Our house has two windows that smashed and everything was on the floor. We have to stay at our Aunties. Then we went to Hanmer with our friends.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Thomas

    Thank you for writing your story on this website, it is good to see it for though of us who were not there when the big earthquake came.

    I can understand it would have been a very freaky experience for kids and adults alike.
    I am so pleased you are safe now and with your family.

    Mum would have been so happy to see you I think!

    How is the school in Hanmer? It is great you can go there, I am sure they will look after you very well.

    Take care of yourself, I am thinking of you lots and hoping all turns out well for you and your family.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Thomas says:

    Thank you for the wonderful reply. I am not going to school in Hanmer we are back in Christchurch at my auntys house. Mum makes me do some school work sometimes.

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