“I wanted my mum”-Ellie, 4, Prebbleton Playcentre

I was at Playcentre eating lunch at the kai table.  A big earthquake shook and I could hear things rattling and see things moving around. We jumped under the table and made a turtle.  Ben, Alex, Grace, Azaria, Xander, JJ and some other kids got under the table too. I wanted my mum.  The power was off.  When the shaking stopped we got up and finished eating our lunch until my mum came.  Daddy and mummy aren’t at work so we get to do puzzles and games and stuff and we went to Greymouth and saw Great Nanna and Grandad and Auntie Helen and Uncle David, and Tania and Sam, and Kade, Corbin and Cooper. We got sprinkles on our icecream and I collected beautiful white stones on the beach.  We filled up bottles of water and I put them in the car for the Christchurch people who have no water.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Ellie

    You are very kind to fill up bottles of water for people of Christchurch.

    It sounds as though you had a very big day and I am so pleased you managed to get into a turtle so quickly.

    It must have been very full under the table.

    You have a lovely big family who are so thrilled you are safe and well and it sounds as though you are having lots of well deserved fun right now.

    take care, kia kaha Ellie.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Deborah says:

    Hello Ellie,

    I love your story Ellie. You have told a very special story. It has a happy ending too. Especially collecting beautiful stones on the beach. And having icecream. :)

    We live in Australia and hope all the people in Christchurch have fresh water very soon.

  3. pipi says:

    Hi Ellie

    I hope you are ok and that your family and friends are ok as well.
    It sounds like you had alot of fun after the earthquake and I think its nice that you collected water for people without water.
    Kind regards

  4. Ariana and Kaiser says:

    To Ellie,sorry about the earthquake that you were in.We hope you werent to scared
    atn play centre.Our names are kaiser and Ari we are 12 yrs old and go to northcote intermediate school.From kaiser an ARI

  5. Xanthe and Isabelle says:

    Hi Ellie
    That was very nice of you to fill up bottles for the peple that don t have water. It sounds like you had lots of fun with your mum and dad. I am glad you are ok.

    Lots of love Isabelle and Xanthe

  6. malia says:

    Hi Ellie,

    It’s sounded so scary and you sounded like you were very brave.
    It’s also good to here your having a good time with your family and friends. It was really nice of you to bring water back to Chrischurch for people that need it.

    From Malia at Northcote intermediate school Auckland.

  7. calan mackenzie says:

    Hi Ellie,
    It is great that you are safe and I hope all your friends and family are as well.It was very kind of you to fill up water for the people without water.
    I hope all the eartquakes and aftershocks stop and life returns to normal.
    Kind regards,
    Calan Mackenzie, North shore, Auckland

  8. Emma-leigh says:

    hi ellie,

    my name is Emma-leigh and i am 11 year old.
    it must of been tough going through all of the scary stuff.

    it was very kind of you and your family to give poeple some water since they didnt have any.

    i wish the best will happen


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