“I felt very scared”-Camille, 6 1/2, Harewood School

I felt very scared I was at school and I was having my lunch then our big 6.3 earthquake happened, we all went into a turtle.
We were all sitting outside in the cold then we thought we should line up and go to the multi-purpose room. Then we all sung songs until our Mum or Dad’s came to pick us up.
Our teachers were so good at keeping us safe, Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Baston cuddled me and told me you will be okay. We had the best teachers looking after us they were all so nice and calm.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Camille

    You had a bad time and then some good things happened too, what lovely teachers you have to cuddle you and tell you that you would be ok.

    The turtle is a good idea isn’t it? It seemed to have kept a lot of children safe during the earthquake.

    Singing songs can be fun too and make us forget some of the bad things, it helps our breathing be more steady.

    I am sure your family were so pleased to see you when they picked you up.

    Please stay strong dear Camille, we are all proud of how the children have come through so brave!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Dar says:

    Dear Camille, I am so glad to hear you did the right thing by making a turtle (so did Ellie – she was at Playcentre!) and your teachers looked after you and your friends so well. It has been a scary time for everyone hasn’t it. It will be great when school starts again for you and you can be busy learning and playing with your friends again. Can’t wait to see you soon.
    Dar xx

  3. Mrs Greenwood says:

    I was so proud of all of you – you did the right thing being a turtle. It is great to have lots of people at Harewood School that care for and look after each other. I enjoyed your hugs!

  4. Mrs Balcar says:

    Dear Camille,
    It was great to read your letter about how you felt at school during the earthquake. I bet you were scared and that is just fine. I felt scared as well. I wish I had been able to be a turtle. In fact I think I woukd have liked to have been at Harewood School as eveyone is so kind.
    I am pleased you are all back at school again.
    Mrs Balcar

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