“EVERY ONE GET DOWN”-Mitchell, 10, Merrin School

12.51pm playing on the back field with my friend’s the earth shook my friend’s and ran for the middle of the field Mr Bar told us to get down then it stopped we saw people ran for our class mates to see if they are ok we get in class lines then the aftershock “EVERY ONE GET DOWN” Then I saw my Dad I told my teacher that im going home.

Dad and me drove home to pick my dog we whent to pick my big brother’s at their high school

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Mitchell

    Wow, that was a big day on the back field for you and your friends had. Sounds like your teachers looked after you well.

    Good to see Dad and you got off home to pick up your dog. I am sure your pet would have been very pleased to see you and will need a lot of comfort now.

    I hope your brothers are all good too and I want you to remember that there are millions of people thinking of you all over the world, some of them are doing funny things to raise money. Have you seen the rock for sale on Trade Me?

    Please send my very best wishes to your family and friends.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Miss Calcinai and Room 49 of St Bernard's College says:

    Dear Mitchell,

    I am glad to hear that you are safe. The way you described your experience- it sounded scary. I hope your family is okay.

    Kind regards,

    Miss Calcinai & Room 49 of St Bernard’s College

  3. Helen and Katarina says:

    Hi it is so sad about Merrin school.We are rasing money for the people in Christchurch .So guess what? We are going to wear red and black for Christchurch tomorrow.

  4. Henryand Annemarie says:

    Hello our names are Henry and Annemarie from St Joseph’s School we are having a mufti day on Friday we are sending money to you people in Christchurch.Yesterday we were having 2miuntes silence thinking about you, I hope you are safe.
    FROM Henry and Annemarie

  5. You ware very lucky that your dad came to pick you up

  6. sorry for my poor spelling

  7. Perosi and Natalie says:

    Dear Mitchell,

    Im so sorry about that it must have been so scary hope your whole school is okay.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story if i was there i would be crying for my mummy.

  8. Perosi and Natalie says:

    Dear Mitchell,

    Im so sorry about that it must have been so scary hope your whole school is okay.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story if i was there i would be crying for my mummy.

    Perosi and Natalie, Auckland

  9. Chansys says:

    I am really upset that the earthquake has hit ChristChurch i hope you will get a new home take care god bless you and your family

  10. Perosi and Natalie says:

    Dear Mitchell,

    Sorry for sending two replies that were the same :)

  11. Jessica says:

    Hi my name is Jessica
    I am realy upset for you because of what state your school os in.
    Is eany one trapped in your school ?
    Has eany one been badely hurt in your school?

  12. Hamza&Daniel says:

    We feel very untouched because it might off been a hard
    time for you.But in Auckland and places in the world are
    raising money to give to the people of Christchurch I
    hope you have a safe journey

  13. Glory says:

    thanks so much for your story



  14. Joshua Elias says:

    I am sorry the earthquake struck you guys. are you guys all right are you safe and sound .

  15. michael, Brodie. says:

    Dear Mitchell

    We are so sorry that you had a 6.3 earthquake. We feel so sad that we are putting up a funky hair day to raise money and food for the kids who need it. We hope you have no more earthquakes that make trouble for you now.

    From Michael!, Brodie.

  16. Gabriella says:

    Hello we are so sad about the Earthquake that happened in your city I hope it hasn’t damaged your house and your clothes.

    Gabriella and daniel

  17. Jaedeci says:

    hi I hope that all of your loved ones are ok.

  18. Sam Tane says:

    Dear Mitchell,

    Wow that sounds scary. We recently had an earthquake in Wellington but it was only a small one with no damage. Hope you, your family, your friends and your school is okay.

    Your regards
    Sam Tane

  19. Charlie Penman, rm49, st bernards college says:

    Dear Mitchell,

    I am relieved that you’re safe from this disaster. I hope you are safe and sound. Hopefully all your family is safe. I hope your school is stable. I wish that soon, for you and Christchurch residents, can relax and not have any other massive earthquakes. Good luck with everything and keep safe!

    Charlie Penman, Room49, St Bernards College

  20. Jacob Borich says:

    Dear Mitchell

    I have read your letter I am happy that your ok how is your family. Was the earthquake. Is everyone in our class ok? After did you go and see Christchurch. Dose your house have damage. Did you go and help clean up streets?

    From Jacob Borich

  21. Yula Fernandes says:

    Dear Mitchell

    Hope you are ok. Hope your friends and family are ok. It must have been scary.

    From Yula

  22. Caitlin says:

    Hey Mitchell
    Hope u r ok, sounds really scary.
    From: Caitlin

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