‘Earthquake story’-Kian, 9, Halswell School

Everyone laughed at Nathan and his funny movie he had made on the computer. When everyone stopped laughing we felt the rumble of the earthquake, we fell to the ground as the ground shook. Then we crawled to the closest desk and got under it, The drink bottles were falling to the floor making whacking sounds. When the quake finished everyone got out from under the desks but we hung onto the desks. Mrs Adams told us to go to the field with everyone in the class. I was still feeling the effects of the quake as I was still shaking. The field flooded with water. When I found my little sister she was crying so I looked after her.

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Kian

    One minute there youare looking at a funny movie the next you are on the ground with drink bottles going everywhere!

    How good it was to be under the table safe but still rattling and I am glad you got to the field too so that you remained safe in your teachers care.

    I liked that you looked after your little sister when she was crying, good on you. She knows now that she will always have a hero for a brother!

    Take care and enjoy your life.
    From Ella in Auckland.

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