‘Earthquake story’-Bayley, 6, Hillview Christian School

On the earthquake day I was at school playing dodge ball. Then it happened I was standing up the whole time. Leo was in still in the classroom but he ran out of the class. Then we went to the quad then an aftershock happened and Mr Norton was in the sunflower room, it was messy. We had to leave our bags at school, I was laughing because Tom farted when an aftershock happened. Then Mum came to pick us up. Then we went to Aunty Marnie’s place, there were already people there but I didn’t mind. Then Joel and Natalya came. We found a rat and Noah’s Dad killed it and then me and Joel went to play with a ball. I was practicing my basic ball skills, I could get the ball off Josh, he said I was good at basketball. Then Liam and Josh came with their dog. After that we waited and listened to the radio. On the way home we went to Carmen’s place and checked on them, they were OK. Then we went to Gran’s and I got some food. They had power but we didn’t so we stayed the night at her place. While we were there Abby and I were playing with Lego, we were building a house. We went to the supermarket, after that we were looking at some houses, lots of houses were damaged. After that we went back to my Gran’s and we were packing our stuff up. I liked staying at my Gran’s house, it was fun then we went home. We had power and water but the water was still dirty.

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Bayley

    What a day you had when the big earthquake came.

    It was great that your teachers were able to look after you at school before Mum came to pick you up.

    It sounds as though you had lots of people to play with later in the day and wasn’t it great when Josh said you were good at basketball.

    I hope your water is sorted by now at home, I am pleased you have got back that must be good although there may be lots to do there.

    Take care from Ella in Auckland.

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