‘Earthquake Poem’-Robyn, 10, Wairakei School

Emergency service rescuers crowding the town,

Another shake rolling by,

Rampaging devastation travels throughout the city.

Teachers, parents adults assuring children safe and sound,

Help is near for all family and friends,

Quick continous jolts beneath our feet,

Under ground movements that make us afraid,

Actions of courage and extreme bravery seen,

Kia kaha Canterbury……

Everyone stand together to re-build this city!!!!

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  1. Ella says:

    Dear Robyn

    It is good you have thought so carefully about the exeperience you had on the 22nd February and been able to share it with others in such carefully crafted words. Well done.

    This has not been an easy time in Canterbury for so many people and we are feeling for you.

    Our TV is on constantly and we are thinking always of you all and how we can help.

    People overseas have asked me about the earthquake and I am in Auckland! I would like to send them this poem as a way of explaining what is like for you there.

    Together you will rebuild and we will be alongside you to help you!

    From Ella in Auckland.

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