‘My Earthquake Story’-Ciara, 10, Springston School

Just after lunch on Tuesday, I walked out of class and down the path to the library and pushed open the door. The library was quiet and nobody was there, not even the librarian, “She must be in the other room”, I thought. I walked over to the chapter book section and started to browse at books, then I spied up a book called “DEVIL DANGER”. I started to read the back, then BOOM it hit me! The lights started to swing back and forth, back and forth, and then to flicker. The book shelves were on wheels and the brakes were on, but they clicked off and the shelves started to hop about the room with the books sliding around on them. I thought that I would have to make a run for it ,so I did a few giant steps and I was there, safely under a door with the libraian, who had been in the room next door. I walked back to class with teary eyes. It turned out that I was one of the lucky ones.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Clara.

  2. ella says:

    Hello Ciara

    Your story was full of suspense and very well written. you obviously like using the library and reading lots of books!

    The sad thing about your story is that it was true and I really wish the earthquake had not happened at all.

    Your whole experience sounds so spooky and scarey I felt as though I was really there in the library.

    I am sincerely hoping that you won’t have any more earthquakes and I want you to know that I am thinking of you often and wishing you well.

    From Ella in Auckland.

    • Ciara says:

      Thank you Ella for your kind comment! The whole experience was very scary and I, too, wish it hadn’t happened at all.
      Thanks again,
      Ciara :)

  3. Allana says:

    Hey – fancy that, a Springston Kid on this site. Ciara, I was just thinking that the E-Team might like to share their experiences on this blog when I found your recount of the event but you beat us to it!
    I can see that you have been busy during the earthquake break. See you at school on Tuesday!

  4. Nicki says:

    You were very lucky Ciara. It was a very scary time for you all. We felt it here in Wesport too. I thought I was having my first earthquake since leaving Springston and text Mrs Hamlin. It was like being on a boat at sea. I hate to think what it was like for you!!!!
    Glad to see you haven’t lost you love of writing.

  5. Jacinta says:

    Hello Ciara,

    I hope you and you friends and the others are ok. You have written your story very well and also very sad.

    I wish the earthquake didn’t happen so nobody wouldn’t get hurt. I feel sorry for all the people that got frightened at your school. I hope that theres not a another earthquake or an aftershock.

    From Jacinta

  6. Lisa says:

    Hello Ciara,

    When I just read your story it made me fell very upset, you and your friends must of been very scared if I was you I would of been very very scared because I have never been in a Earthquake so I would of been scared just like you.

    I wish the eatherquake did not happend. I have been watching 3 news and I see how scared everyone is so I think i now how scary you are. Its time for me to go but Ill keep watching the news and i hope you and you friends and family stay safe. I also hope this is the last earthqake in NZ. bye

    From Lisa in Auckland.

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