“Lots of things were falling”- Robbie, 7, Lyttelton Main School

On Saturday when the earthquake happened I shouted “help”. Lots of things were falling. “Crack! Bang, bang, bang!” Then Billy came into our room and we went into dad’s bed. He brought the radio up. After awhile I went to sleep.

A few days later me and Billy made a hideout under his table. It had food under it.

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  1. Room 1, Darfield primary says:

    Cool story. We have had the eartyhquake too. we were scared. We have written lots of stories about the earthquake too.

  2. Te Ringa and William says:

    Dear Robbie

    We are sorry about what happened to Christchurch and we hope that your family and you are all right.
    We hope that you were not too scared when you heard the crack and the bang. Tomorrow we are having a funky hair day to raise money. We will have fun too. We hope we raise a lot of money. We are also bringing cans of food to school to send to Christchurch.

    Best wishes
    from Te Ringa and William in room 6 at Omanu School in Mount Maunganui

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