Jolt!- Alex, 9, Clarkville School

Dad woke up to the jolt before the big quake and went to the toilet,when Dad got to the toilet the BIG QUAKE started, Dad was trying to run down the hallway swaying side to side to me and Elyse (My sister) I thought it was Elyse shaking my bed like she did one other morning to wake me up for school. I put my head under my pillow and tried to sleep, I heard Elyse yelling get up Alex, and then I looked up and saw Dad and Elyse so I jumped out of bed and raced to the doorframe!Lately I have heard that door frames aren’t the safest place to be so now if I feel a big quake I roll out of bed thinking there is a safe triangle beside it.Now around our house and in the paddocks there are some big holes, but the house is not as bad as the paddocks because the paddocks have such big holes that me and Elyse can fit our feet in!In our pool we had lots of water but now there is about 15cm taken off! Right now when I’m typing this we haven’t had our house inspected but I hope and I think we will be able to live in it. I had an earthquake hero and guess who it was…
Dad! It couldn’t have been Mum because she was in Auckland!
but Mum said if there was another quake she would be sure she would be one. Lately I made an earthquake hero card for Dad and he really enjoyed reading it.

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  1. cam says:

    see ya at school

  2. Cool, your dad is a major earthquake hero. I hope you can still live in your house and I hope your paddock will go back to normal. I was stunned when the earthquake happend. Most of the houses were damaged and lots of destruction. Hope you are fine and have a good time
    From Luca Samios and Lachlan Comfort

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