‘EARTHQUAKE!!!’- Abbey-Lee, 9, Hororata Primary School

When I woke up everything was shaking, I knew it was an earthquake. I curled up into a turtle in my bed then Dad came running to my doorway shouting “Abbey get up it’s an EARTHQUAKE!!!” So I hurried out of bed and ran to my door. Dad said “sit here while I go and get Kelsey”. Dad ran to Kelsey’s room. Kelsey and I sat in our doorways, when it stopped Mum got out of bed and sat in her doorway. Dad got a torch lamp so we could see. I hated the whole scene. It was my first earthquake and I was shaking with fear that our whole house would fall down.

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  1. To Abbey-Lee &Family
    Don’t worry about the Earthquake because help is on the way.There is a lot of Fundraiseing in our school ,and all the money is going to all the schools in Christchurch.i hope this never happens again in Chirstchurch.Dont lose Hope.:(

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