When the Christchurch Earthquake hit last week I was at school.  I was eating my lunch but our teacher said to eat inside.  When it hit we needed to run outside.  But twenty seconds later another hit once again. Luckily after that there were no more and even better my dad came a minute later. […]

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‘My story’-Olly, 8, St Andrews School

When the Earthquake struck I was at school and my best friend was screaming beside me.  Her name is Fanchea and we are best friends and next door neighbours. Two minutes after the quake hit our teacher, Pip Richie, sprinted out of the building.  All my school mates ran to her, even Fanchea.  She froze […]

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At school when my friends and I just got out for lunch, Olly and I saw the ground shaking. We asked, “Why is the ground shaking?”, but Olly said, “it is an earthquake!” and everyone was screaming. Olly and I were really freaking out. A teacher called Pip Riches took the children to the field, […]

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