On the 4th of September 2010, I woke up and heard a very loud windy noise, then I heard Dad in my doorway calling my name. Then I realised the house was shaking, it was fun, it felt like a rollercoaster that you couldn’t control. When it stopped Dad and I went to Mum and […]

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On September 4th 2010 I woke up and the house was shaking.  It was awesome! Mum came in to my room and jumped on me – I thought it was strange. When the earthquake stopped I said ‘I was having such a nice sleep!’, then we packed some stuff and went in the car with […]

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When the earth Quake struck I was running through the corridor at school to get my hat because it was lunch.And the milli second I stepped into the class room all my friends jumped under a desk then I found myself diving under a desk too. It was like I made the earth quake!! Then […]

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When the earthquake hit I was running to put my lunch box away then suddnly the grounds started shaking. I fell into a bush. I was freaked out. then I was actually thinking about my family and pets and relised I had pet guiniepigs and knew they were only nearly 1. I WAS WORRIED!!! then on […]

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