Ranalia, 7, Addington School

On 13th June 2011 we were playing in the playground at school when a terrible shake came. It was an EARTHQUAKE! All of us at Addington School did a drop, cover and hold. After the earthquake some children ran to the teachers. When Miss Douglas came up to me she said ‘do you want to help me or go back to your class?’. I said I wanted to help. Miss Douglas gave me a green card and I felt so proud of myself. When we got back there were only six of us in the class. We got to have free time but another earthquake struck so we did the turtle. I felt brave.

6 Responses to “Ranalia, 7, Addington School”

  1. Becky says:

    You were very brave! Good on you!

  2. Kate D. says:

    Hello Ranalia,
    Thank you for sharing your story on this website. I live in Christchurch too, and it is nice to hear stories of other people who are being brave. Well done for being so helpful on the day of the earthquake. Keep being brave!
    From Kate.

  3. Emily says:

    Sounds very scary. Very impressed you knew just what to do and did your best to help others, well done!

  4. Sally says:

    It sounds like you were very brave! Well done for helping.

  5. Ms Mac says:

    Ranalia, it is great that you all remembered to do the drop, cover and hold. We are all very proud of you. I enjoyed your story.

  6. Miss Sydow says:

    Ranalia, you are a great helper, and very brave. You should feel proud of yourself.

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