Faysal, 7, Addington School

When the earthquake hit, some people were afraid and crying. They needed a hug. Then the teacher called out our names so she could know if we were there or not. Then we went back to class and another earthquake struck. I went under a table and went back outside. I stood there then my parents came to pick me up.

4 Responses to “Faysal, 7, Addington School”

  1. Glenys Barr says:

    It was such a surprise to get 2 big shakes in an afternoon. I bet you were happy to see your parents. I know they have to drive a different way to pick you up now because the roads are so bumpy and busy.

  2. Emily says:

    That must have been a scary experience, especially 2 earthquakes one after another. I hope you don’t have any more!

  3. Ms Mac says:

    Great story Faysal… you were very brave.

  4. Miss Sydow says:

    Faysal, you know just what to do in an earthquake. Thanks for sharing your story.

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